Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Binali Yıldırım Nihat Zeybekci


15th July 2016 Friday 00:56 AM

First Reaction:

DEİK Press Release

“The Turkish business community stands behind the elected government and is committed to democracy.”

09:50 AM

DEİK Press Release

“The coup attempt is disrupted by the remarkable efforts and democracy love of our people. Everyone inside and outside Turkey should know that coup-era is ended in Turkey

Turkey is not a country that can be easily captured with a night raid.”

18th July 2016 Monday

08:00 AM

Start work at DEİK

10:00 AM

First Contact:

Counterpart briefing

"Business as usual"

11:00 AM

Joint Declaration from the Turkish Business World:

From Darkness to Light: July 15

“From now on, July 15 is a day the democracy having the nation as subject wins.

As the representative of the business world of our country, with the awareness that deepening of our democracy and strengthening of our economy is possible only with a civilian government, we know that interventions of non-democratic powers will first of all inflict great harm to the economy and will waste away all of our accumulations.

Today will be written in the history of not only Turkey, but of the world.”

19th July 2016 Tuesday

Urgent call for a consultation meeting of DEİK's Business Councils

21st July 2016 Thursday

DEİK Consultation Meeting

The consultation meeting with the broad participation of DEİK’s Business Council

DEİK Urgent Action Plan

DEİK's Mobilization declared

A Communication Committee has been established

22nd July 2016 Friday

First meeting of DEİK Communication Committee

25th July 2016 Monday

Counterpart briefing

"We still do our business as usual, with not a single step back"

26th July 2016 Tuesday

Delivery of DEİK's Communication Kit prepared by the Communication Committee to all DEİK's Business Councils

29th July 2016 Friday

The visit of DEİK Communication Committee to the Ambassadors of France, United Kingdom, United States of America, Slovakia and Belgium.

The visit to Mr. İsmail Kahraman, Turkish Parliamentary Speaker

3rd August 2016 Wednesday

The visit to Mr. Ömer Çelik, EU Minister and Chief Negotiator

The visit of DEİK Communication Committee to the Ambassadors of Japan, Mexico, India and Kazakhstan

4th August 2016 Thursday

The visit of DEİK Communication Committee to the Ambassador of Canada

5th August 2016 Friday

The visit of DEİK Communication Committee to the Ambassador of Sweden

Updating of July 15 Communication Kit within the scope of current affairs

7th August 2016 Sunday

Democracy and Martyrs Rally in Yenikapı

11th August 2016 Thursday

T.C. Başbakan Yardımcısı

The visit of DEİK Communication Committee to the Ambassadors of People’s Republic of China, Islamic Republic of Iran and Italy


The visit to Mr. Mehmet Şimşek, Deputy Prime Minister


Accompany to the visit of Mr. Nihat Zeybekci, Turkish Minister of Economy to Denmark

12th August 2016 Friday

Updating of July 15 Communication Kit within the scope of current affairs

16th August 2016 Tuesday

The visit to Poland with Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Turkish Minister of Development

17th August 2016 Wednesday

The visit to Romania with Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Turkish Minister of Development

23rd August 2016 Tuesday

The visit to Holland with Mr. Nihat Zeybekci, Turkish Minister of Economy

24th August 2016 Wednesday

The visit to Italy with Mr. Nihat Zeybekci, Turkish Minister of Economy

7th September 2016 Wednesday

The visit of DEİK Communication Committee to the Ambassadors of Russian Federation, the Netherlands and South Korea

9th September 2016 Friday

The visit to United Kingdom with Mr. Nihat Zeybekci, Turkish Minister of Economy

26th-28th September, 2016

Brussels contacts of DEİK Communication Committee

4th October, 2016 Tuesday

The visit to Saudi Arabia with Mr. Lütfi Elvan, Turkish Minister of Development


The consultation meeting of DEİK Communication Committee with the members of COELA

29th November 2016 Tuesday

The visit to Belgium with Mr. Ömer Çelik, EU Minister and Chief Negotiator

14th December 2016 Wednesday

The visit to Germany with Mr. Ömer Çelik, EU Minister and Chief Negotiator

10th January 2017 Tuesday

The visit to United Kingdom with Mr. Ömer Çelik, EU Minister and Chief Negotiator


Ömer Cihad Vardan

DEİK President


Dear Audiences,

This work presented to you is a historical travel story...

This is an honourable travel story crowned by the struggle we put up as DEİK for our country’s democracy and economy in the last year passed over the treacherous coup attempt that our beautiful country exposed. When we woke up in the morning of July 15, none of us knew the things which the darkness could bring.

Neither these holy lands nor ourselves as individuals of this nation used to make history knew the magnificence of the struggle we would put up.

We annoyed by the traitors nested in our midst but none of us could guess they might be such blood-thirsty. And when the day of July 15 turned to night, screeches of the jets in the sky, humming of the tanks scratching asphalt roads and the whistles of bullets from the muzzle of the scum showed us how we faced such a scourge.

Only then we shook off and woke up!

The time of unity came once more for the honourable individuals, brave hearts and noble souls of this holy nation. And a single phone call was enough for this divine unity.



While this mighty nation became shield in front of the tanks, under the bullets, against the traitors in an incredibly short time, those verses reverberated deep down:

What makes the flag a real flag is the blood on it,

If someone died for the country it is homeland.

Banded together with this belief, with the spirit of unity and brotherhood, the Turkish nation was writing the first verses of a new saga that night.

While the country reached salvation by the dawn, our travel launched out as DEİK...

A year passed since our country run band together to the morning of the darkest night.

Within this period, we told ‘business as usual’ at 99 countries in which we have Business Councils.



As DEİK, we have reacted to the
coup attempt first with a press release published on the first minutes of
July 16th. Less than a week following the attempt, all Business Councils
were gathered for an urgent
consultation meeting.

Ebru Özdemir

Member of DEİK’s Board of Directors and Executives

President of DEİK’s Communication Committee

Recommendations developed by
DEİK's Business Councils and
11-article Action Plan agreed following the consultation meeting formed the basis of steps to be taken in the aftermath of the coup attempt.

Doç. Dr. Hatice Karahan

Senior Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey

Member of DEİK’s Communication Committee

In order to develop our business relations with Rwanda, I have made my first business trip to the country just after my recovery as a July 15th veteran. I had the opportunity to tell the truth about the coup attempt.

İbrahim Özen

President of DEİK/Turkey-Rwanda Business Council

I believe that talking face to face is the most efficient method.

Emin Hitay

President of DEİK/Turkey-Philippines Business Council

Executive Board Member at DEİK/Turkey-Indonesia Business Council

In this context, we attended the Consultation Meeting held by the attendance of the Presidents and
Board Members of DEİK Business Councils and tried to develop common sense about the steps to be taken following the July 15th coup attempt.

İbrahim Ekşi

President of DEİK/Turkey-Kuwait Business Council

An Emergency Action Plan comprising
11 articles was accepted in the Consultation Meeting. Within that Action Plan, it was decided all Business Councils of DEİK would visit the countries they are responsible as soon as possible and interview one on one with their counterparts in those countries.

Tamer Taşkın

Coordinator President of DEİK Turkey-Africa Business Councils

President of DEİK/Turkey-Angola Business Council

At first, as the Business Council
we conveyed the progressions to
our counterparts through
telephone and e-mail.

Mehmet Usta

President of DEİK/Turkey-Albania Business Council

We sent the letter in English prepared by DEİK to our counterpart institutions. We explained the content of the letter by visiting them and gave the message that "business as usual" in Turkey.

Muzaffer Çilek

President of DEİK/Turkey-Bosnia and Herzegovina Business Council

We ensure to expand awareness by sending the relevant letter to the representatives of the business world and the firms we worked or we are working together in Jordan.

Ruhsar Pekcan

President of DEİK/Turkey-Jordan Business Council

Besides, as an initial contact, we held a meeting with the Ambassador of Estonia in Ankara and informed the Ambassador on the developments. Right after,
we carried out briefing by meeting up with our counterpart institution and
other counterparts in Estonia.

Galip İlter

President of DEİK/Turkey-Estonia Business Council

To start with, we visited the
Ambassador of Afghanistan in Ankara and carried out a meeting about the treacherous coup attempt.

Sadi Yalçın

President of DEİK/Turkey-Afghanistan Business Council

As the Business Council, we visited Kazakhstan almost immediately within DEİK's Emergency Action Plan. We visited Kazakhstan immediately and informed our counterparts.

T. Mert Sarı

President of DEİK/Turkey-Kazakhstan Business Council

We have immediately visited Maputo, the capital of Mozambique on July 27, 2016. Everybody we have contacted condemned the attempt and emphasized their support for Turkey with no exception.

Erhan Barutoğlu

President of DEİK/Turkey-Mozambique Business Council

We tried to explain the coup attempt
via the scenes showing the resistance of the Turkish people acting with the
call of our President for
resistance in airports.

Sani Şener

President of DEİK/Turkey-France Business Council

We aimed to clear up misunderstandings as well as to inform Slovenians correctly on the coup attempt. 


Zahit Sağlık

President of DEİK/Turkey-Slovenia Business Council

We accompanied the visit which
Turkish President carried out to the Russia in August.

Tuncay Özilhan

Member of DEİK’s Board of Directors

Coordinator President of DEİK/Turkey-Eurasia Business Councils

President of DEİK/Turkey-Russia Business Council

As the representatives of the business world of two countries who met up only during the contacts between Turkey and Greece at ministerial or prime ministerial levels for eight years, we met up along with our Business Council and counterpart institution in Athens in December on our own initiative.

Tevfik Bilgen

President of DEİK/Turkey-Greece Business Council

We accompanied the visit of
Turkish President carried out in
2016 to Kenya of which we will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the
bilateral relations this year. 

M. Kemal Koloğlu

President of DEİK/Turkey-Kenya Business Council

Our delegation was hosted by
Ministers and bureaucrats full day and we found the opportunity to consider the developments with them a day long.

Mehmet Ali Korkmaz

President of DEİK/Turkey-Sudan Business Council

For so long as DEİK, we wished for this visit to boost bilateral relations between our country and Uzbekistan and we were pleased with the large participation, sectoral diversity and interest by the parties of both countries.

M. Hayri Kartopu

President of DEİK/Turkey-Uzbekistan Business Council

With our ambassador, we informed the local media representatives about the coup attempt, the following developments; explicitly the
background of the attempt by
replying their questions.

Mithat Cansız

Former President of DEİK/Turkey-Brazil Business Council

During our visit, we didn't remain limited with the representatives of the business world of Morocco. At the same time,
we met up with high-level officers and press members and spoke on
coup attempt.

Osman Kocaman

President of DEİK/Turkey-Morocco Business Council

Besides business world, media representatives and politicians, I have explained the reasons and outcomes of the attempted coup to academics on a seminar hosted by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies of Harvard University.

Halil Kulluk

We tried to reply the questions of
our counterparts through the Communication Kit prepared by DEİK and conveyed to us by updating
consistently in the light of the
emerging developments.

Can Hakan Karaca

President of DEİK/Turkey-Chad Business Council

We ensured that they received the
exact information from us.

Burak Baykan

President of DEİK/Turkey-Croatia Business Council

During the Consultation Meeting
carried out, over 150 suggestions
has been conveyed. Most of the suggestions were about communicating the developments after the coup attempt correctly to all parties. In this context,
a Communication Committee
within DEİK was set up.

T. Murat Kolbaşı

Member of DEİK’s Board of Directors

Coordinator President of DEİK Turkey-Asia Pacific Business Councils

President of DEİK/Turkey-China Business Council

Member of DEİK’s Communication Committee

Our delegation was welcomed
with open arms.

Cemalettin Kerim

President of DEİK/Turkey-Palestine Business Council

Their sincere approach
caught our attention.

Zuhal Mansfield

President of DEİK/Turkey-Australia Business Council

We are pleased to feel closely this
warm and sincere approach in
all meetings we attended in Georgia.

Cemal Yangın

President of DEİK/Turkey-Georgia Business Council

We realized that Montenegro was
aware of the intention of the
coup attempt in Turkey.

Necip Naci Doğru

President of DEİK/Turkey-Montenegro Business Council

Tajiks can predict
what Turkey experienced
very well.

Mahmut Er

President of DEİK/Turkey-Tajikistan Business Council

Thais read us like a book, as the
country has already gone through
several military coups in the history. 

Refik Gökçek

President of DEİK/Turkey-Thailand Business Council

They mentioned no concern
because there is a faith related to
Turkey and Turkish economy in Serbia. 

Aleksandar Medjedovic

President of DEİK/Turkey-Serbia Business Council

During the visit, we carried out to Finland with the attendance of the representatives from big energy firms, we saw that our counterparts
had question marks in their minds on some matters. As the Business Council,
we tried to remove those question marks. 

H. Emre Arıcan

President of DEİK/Turkey-Finland Business Council

We observed they had difficulty to understand that attempt;

Ömer Hakan Baki

President of DEİK/Turkey-Mauritius Business Council

They didn't react rapidly just after the coup attempt as they hadn't a clear information on this incident;

Kemal Güleryüz

President of DEİK/Turkey-Poland Business Council

They had misconceptions due to the disinformation through the
national press. 

Hasan Akçakayalıoğlu

President of DEİK/Turkey-Israel Business Council

Unfortunately, Malaysians don't know what happened in Turkey.

Süheyla Çebi Karahan

President of DEİK/Turkey-Malaysia Business Council

By emphasizing the misstatements of the international press misguided,
we clearly stated that the tendentious and unfair news should not be considered.

Serkan Kaptan

President of DEİK/Turkey-Latvia Business Council

Besides, in our meetings we underlined that no power can disrupt the unity in our country having a dynamic structure;

Jak Eskinazi

President of DEİK/Turkey-Malta Business Council

Turkish public defended its democracy, elected President and the Government;

İbrahim Yıldırım

President of DEİK/Turkey-Peru Business Council

The daily life continues as usual;

Osman Ak

President of DEİK/Turkey-Bulgaria Business Council

The relevant attempt was an accident
in front of the democratic development of Turkey; but Turkey proceeds ahead in the globalizing world.

Osman Okyay

President of DEİK/Turkey-Canada Business Council

We clearly stated that we sustained the reforms without slowing down,
even accelerated them.

Mehmet Habbab

President of DEİK/Turkey-UAE Business Council

We stated that the foreign investment flow to Turkey continues without slowing down due to the efforts our Government has made after the coup attempt. 

Erdal Yenigün

President of DEİK/Turkey-Oman Business Council

In the meetings, the information
related to July 15th were conveyed and
the message "Business as Usual"
was given. 

Adnan Bostan

President of DEİK/Turkey-Benin Business Council

Besides, we told that Turkish business world defended the democracy in force;

Emre Aykar

President of DEİK/Turkey-Ethiopia Business Council

Our business world proceeds on its way without falling from power and
shoulder to shoulder;

Demir İnözü

President of DEİK’s International Technical Consultancy Business Council

The foreign companies, the companies with foreign partners and all international financial institutions continue their activities uninterruptedly;

Fuat Tosyalı

Member of DEİK’s Board of Directors and Executives

President of DEİK/ Turkey-Algeria Business Council

The existing investment climate in Turkey wasn't affected negatively.

Albert Saydam

President of DEİK/Turkey-Mexico Business Council

We emphasized that Turkey is a secure and prosperous country as before;

Bilgin Aygül

President of DEİK/Turkey-Iran Business Council

Business life continues straight away;

Mehmet Hakan Karaalioğlu

President of DEİK/Turkey-Ireland Business Council

And Turkish economy continues and
will continue to progress positively
same as the last decade. 

Ethem Sancak

Member of DEİK’s Board of Directors

President of DEİK/Turkey-Qatar Business Council

In all meetings we held, our counterparts sincerely shared their opinions with us
as well. 

Murat Özyeğin

President of DEİK/Turkey-Netherlands Business Council

Member of DEİK’s Communication Committee

They conveyed us that they appreciated the righteous struggle of
Turkish people...

İhsan Şahin

President of DEİK/Turkey-Senegal Business Council

And appreciated that the necessary measures were taken rapidly,

İsmet Güral

President of DEİK/Turkey-Slovakia Business Council

They follow the stand of Turkish people and public administration against this atrocious incident with admiration;

Yüksel Yıldırım

President of DEİK/Turkey-Colombia Business Council

Turkey added a new epic story
to several ones in its glorious history,

Selçuk Akat

President of DEİK/Turkey-Azerbaijan Business Council

And they were convinced that
Turkey couldn't be a different country
in the morning of July 16th.

Burak Vardan

President of DEİK/Turkey-Italy Business Council

They clearly stated that Nigeria is
always stand by Turkey;

Hakan Özel

President of DEİK/Turkey-Nigeria Business Council

And Djibouti is always
stand by Turkey.  

Fatih Volkan Kazova

President of DEİK/Turkey-Djibouti Business Council

After our meetings, we saw that
the messages we conveyed have changed the existing perspective towards Turkey.  

Hasan Alper Önoğlu

President of DEİK/Turkey-Denmark Business Council

I believe that we eliminated the smattering they have related to the
coup attempt;

M. Necati Abacıoğlu

President of DEİK/Turkey-Vietnam Business Council

And changed the perception for
our country positively.

Mehmet Güneş

President of DEİK/Turkey-Lithuania Business Council

Besides, I think that we drew attention
to the structure of terror organization
in the country;

Yalçın Kıroğlu

President of DEİK/Turkey-Madagascar Business Council

And I think we have corrected the misinformation and opinions in consequence of our meeting.

Ahmet Kaya

President of DEİK/Turkey-Kyrgyzstan Business Council

I observe that no more questions
are asked related to the coup attempt.

Hasan Hoşben

President of DEİK/Turkey-Macedonia Business Council

We were also pleased to see that
our citizens abroad closely followed the incidents on and after July 15th.
They tried to explain the situation in Turkey through diplomatic and
media channels of the relevant countries.

Nail Olpak

Former President of World Turkish Business Council (DTİK)

Through our visits we also observed that
there wasn't a negative approach
in the trust to our firms.  

Halil Avcı

President of DEİK/Turkey-Turkmenistan Business Council

We observed that the positive approaches related to Turkey continue and
they placed great importance to develop cooperation in strategic industries;

Ruşen Çetin

President of DEİK/Turkey-Ukraine Business Council

They are more interested in the
new investments than the
coup attempt itself;

Remzi Gür

President of DEİK/Turkey-UK Business Council

They are pleased with the
continuation of the bilateral investments;

Fatih Karamancı

President of DEİK/Turkey-Romania Business Council

And they have strong desire to
continue the initiatives for the
production in Turkey.

Sefa Gömdeniz

President of DEİK/Turkey-Belarus Business Council

Ivory Coast emphasized that
they are always ready to help Turkey
in every sense and our country
should strengthen its strategic partnership with Africa.

Halit İnci

President of DEİK/Turkey-Ivory Coast Business Council

They also expressed that they will immediately take necessary steps
to stop any activity of the terror organisation in the country.

Deniz Türkkan

President of DEİK/Turkey-Mali Business Council

They said it will not be easy for the terror organisation to operate in Somalia.

Ahmet Sami İşler

President of DEİK/Turkey-Somalia Business Council

They clearly conveyed that
they will never abandon Turkey and Turkish companies.

Ekim Alptekin

Member of DEİK’s Board of Directors

President of DEİK/Turkey-USA Business Council

Being two friendly nations, Turkey and Pakistan repeated their shared beliefs to progress further both politically and economically in the long view.

Atilla Yerlikaya

President of DEİK/Turkey-Pakistan Business Council

Member of DEİK’s Communication Committee

It is worth adding that, thanks to the
effort of our embassy and
Business Council, we've ensured that
five schools and two dormitories of the terror organisation are transferred to Turkish Maarif Foundation. 

Murat Efendi Ataer

President of DEİK/Turkey-Niger Business Council

During our visit, a memorandum of understanding related to transferring
the assets of terror organisations to
Turkish Maarif Foundation was also signed with the government authorities.

Zeynel Abidin Kaymak

President of DEİK/Turkey-Mauritania Business Council

Undoubtedly, Turkey is an important and exemplary country in the region.

Yusuf Cevahir

President of DEİK/Turkey-Saudi Arabia Business Council

They see Turkey as a model country
for themselves.

Ersin Eren

President of DEİK/Turkey-Uganda Business Council

They evaluate their relations
with our country at long date.

Pınar Eczacıbaşı

President of DEİK’s Board of Auditors

President of DEİK/Turkey-Luxembourg Business Council

They adopt Turkey as an important agent in the region both economically and politically.

Rona Yırcalı

Member of DEİK’s Board of Directors and Executives

Coordinator President of DEİK Turkey-Middle Eastern and Gulf Business Councils

President of DEİK/Turkey-Lebanon Business Council

They believe the stability and
trust will continue.

Muhammet Uğurcan Barman

President of DEİK/Turkey-Bahrain Business Council

In addition to these, we also made attempts on breaking the
strongest structure of the terror organisation in Bangladesh.
Our attempts yielded results and a
major blow delivered to the
business world structure of the
terror organisation.

Bekir Küçük

President of DEİK/Turkey-Bangladesh Business Council

While expressing ourselves in distant countries, we remarked our activities started at the same time with the coup attempt and all kind of actions taken in order to give no opportunity to the structure of the terror organisation in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Dimağ Çağıner

President of DEİK/Turkey-TRNC Business Council

They believe that the continuity of the regular growth of Turkey by ensuring
the stability matters to both Germany and
the European Union

Steven Young

Member of DEİK’s Board of Directors

President of DEİK/Turkey-Germany Business Council

And the developments experienced will not affect our partnership with the European Union.

Aysu Özlem Gökçe

President of DEİK/Turkey-Belgium Business Council

They want to do more business with Turkish business world in the neighbouring regions.

Berna İlter

Treasurer Member of DEİK’s Board of Directors and Executives

President of DEİK/Turkey-Portugal Business Council

Member of DEİK’s Communication Committee

Within the scope of the visit to India with the Turkish President, our Indian counterparts particularly mentioned that the partnership of Turkey and
India should be increased in the
third countries.

Canan Çelebioğlu

President of DEİK/Turkey-India Business Council

Because Turkey and Spain are
two countries having strong economies and understanding of each other.

H. Zeynep Bodur Okyay

Member of DEİK’s Board of Directors and Executives

Coordinator President of DEİK Turkey-European Business Councils

President of DEİK/Turkey-Spain Business Council

Member of DEİK’s Communication Committee

Within this scope, we decided to hold a joint meeting in the soonest time to work actively in the short run.

Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu

President of DEİK/Turkey-South Africa Business Council

Turkey brand in Nepal is
highly appreciated and we believe that
it will get much stronger
through upcoming period.

Çiğdem Penn

President of DEİK/Turkey-Nepal Business Council

Besides, with our visit we decided
to make an additional investment
worth one billion US Dollars.

Adnan Polat

President of DEİK/Turkey-Hungary Business Council

We invited them to Turkey to see
our country for themselves.

Mehmet Pekarun

Former President of DEİK/Turkey-Japan Business Council

By inviting them to Turkey, we wish them to see that "business as usual". 

Ali Kibar

Member of DEİK’s Board of Directors and Executives

President of DEİK/Turkey-Switzerland Business Council

Undoubtedly, as the representatives of Turkish business world,
we have to increase our business relations rapidly to express our
country better,

İzzet Ekmekçibaşı

President of DEİK/Turkey-Republic of Congo Business Council

To accelerate the establishment of Turkish diaspora in Africa as well and the cooperation with the African economies completing each other.

Aytaç Muhittin Dinçer

President of DEİK/Turkey-Tanzania Business Council

Considering the fact that our economic and commercial relations with Egypt is important in the African Initiative carried out by our country for more than ten years, our cooperation in this shared geography will be a big asset. 

Muhammet Mesut Toprak

President of DEİK/Turkey-Egypt Business Council

Member of DEİK’s Communication Committee

By taking advantage of African Initiative launched by the Turkish President,
we have to be much more active
in this region and increase our investments bilaterally.

Ali Sezen

President of DEİK/Turkey-Equatorial Guinea Business Council

The Turkish firms carried out important projects in Tunisia to date and
I have no doubt that they will be interested in many projects within the scope of the new five year development plan of the country. 

Uğur Doğan

President of DEİK/Turkey-Tunisia Business Council

To carry out the target of bilateral trading volume worth one billion US Dollars with Moldova,

Sinan Bora

President of DEİK/Turkey-Moldova Business Council

We have to take a rapid step to
increase the trading volume between Turkey and Cambodia and for our
trading volume target worth
500 million US Dollars in 2020.

Volkan Öztürk

President of DEİK/Turkey-Cambodia Business Council

We also have to continue to fix the
false perception tried to be established
against Turkey through our contacts abroad as the universities.

Dr. Mustafa Aydın

President of DEİK’s Higher Education Business Council

Well, did we come to an end?

Yet we are at the bottom of the ladder. 

But on July 15th, the willpower of the great Turkish Nation once more showed;

How the path is tough, the heart beats such strong,
How the path is long, the heart will beat such sustained.

Ömer Cihad Vardan

DEİK President